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2011-08-16 14:16:18 by MoesGames

Oke guys, i tried something new. a dress up game.
If you think its gay or something go a head leave a comment and tell me what kind of game i should make next!
Really pissed now coz you guys say its gay but dont tell me any tips at all!!! >:(


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2011-08-16 14:21:02

i think you lack the ability to make good games.


2011-08-16 16:21:51

you have no hope on the internet


2011-08-16 17:03:17

what kind of game do you want to make next? ill give you suggestions on how to make it not horrifying! :D


2011-08-16 22:40:10

I believe that you shouldn't make an other game. At least not right now. I am not here to flame, put you down or anything. I just believe that before you make a game you must first practice some drawing. The person who is playing a game must be drawn into it. So if you can at least make the player give the game a chance. I'm not saying you need to be a top of the line artist. What I'm just saying you need to practice making regular human form or other forms of what ever your making. Once you're able to get past that I believe it will be better to start thinking of plots for your games. This all takes time. And you have to be willing to do it and have patience.


2011-08-23 08:16:34

Stop posting shit games on newgrounds.