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Braaains 2!

2012-04-01 07:41:08 by MoesGames

Braaains 2 is coming ^.^


2011-11-27 09:58:03 by MoesGames

New art and new avatar :) Check it out!


2011-08-24 07:42:43 by MoesGames

Ok i made my first ever pixelart check it out sgames/zombie-punk-mb-moesgames

What tha...

2011-08-16 14:16:18 by MoesGames

Oke guys, i tried something new. a dress up game.
If you think its gay or something go a head leave a comment and tell me what kind of game i should make next!
Really pissed now coz you guys say its gay but dont tell me any tips at all!!! >:(

U mad?

2011-08-04 07:45:24 by MoesGames

Ok, it seems nobody liked BRAAAINS... so im busy with something better

I just lost the save file of Tank 4 so i cant fix any bugs, im really sorry for that.
Theres coming up a new game :D
Tip: Mmmm... BRAAAINSSS...